You Can Now Buy Delta-8 THC In Bulk Online!

The American economy is changing

The last few years have produced unprecedented changes in the ways in which marijuana and marijuana products have been made available to consumers.

The United States has taken a piecemeal approach to the undeniable demand by citizens for more access to the world’s most popularly consumed illicit drug.

As a result, new compounds within marijuana can rapidly draw attention as they are newly discovered and investigated.


What’s Delta 8?

One of these compounds is called Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, or Delta 8 for short. Extracted from marijuana, it’s been found to induce a similar high to regular weed, but at a fraction of the strength.

It’s thought not to cause paranoia or anxiety.

Starting in 2018, hemp became legal to own and use as part of a bill aimed at farmers.

It’s come to play an important role in the semi-legal realm of the cannabis industry.

Hemp is chemically identical to marijuana, with the only difference being a high presence of high-inducing THC crystals. This fact created a grey area where traditional Delta 9 marijuana could be illegal in one state, and Delta 8 could be legal in the same state.

While some states have taken measures against controlling this substance, it remains widely available in-person and online. It’s available for purchase in bulk quantities. A few services offering Delta 8 really stand out.


Let’s take a look at some companies selling Delta 8 in bulk

  1. This website offers bulk Delta 8 in the form of premium THC oil.

They use hemp sourced from American outlets, with purity levels approaching 100%, with no Delta 9 THC at all. Their extract is legal on a federal level

Wholesalers can create specific accounts if they plan on ordering at least a kilogram of oil. The company states that they produce and ship a maximum of 200 kilograms per month.

Scaling to the customer’s needs is always a possibility. They also offer terpenes, aromatic compounds found in marijuana, but those aren’t currently offered in bulk.

The bulk orders can be shipped in a number of ways based on the size and destination chosen. Shipments can be made to foreign countries, although the company cannot assume liability for the legal and financial responsibilities of foreign customers.

Bulk shipments going oversees can be expected to arrive after 3 to 7 days. Domestically, there are some places that are unable to receive shipments.

Orders start at $119.99. A total of 22 customers have left reviews averaging 5.0 stars.


As an aside

The states of Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Montana, Rhode Island, Arizona, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah, and Arkansas cannot have products shipped to them.

Most companies that currently sell Delta 8 products avoid doing business with these states, with the exception that some companies list North Dakota as a banned state, while others don’t.

That state passed an initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use, but the state Supreme Court struck down the measure, and the ensuing legal battle is still tied up in court.

With any purchase of Delta 8 you make, consult your local and state laws, as well as your exposure to federal law before doing so.

All vendors will require verification that the customer is at least 21 years old, a standard that can be expected to remain for a long time due to the product’s intoxicating effects.

Now, where were we?


  1. Another company that seems to be doing well sells distillates of Delta 8 in syringes.

They come in set of 10 grams and 100 grams. Their products have fanciful flavors like Birthday Cake and Gorilla Glue. They are lab-certified as of 2021. Bulk shipments are available upon request.

In particular, the company offers sizes of 100, 250, 500, or 1,000 grams. They prefer to be contacted directly by email by aspiring wholesalers.

Their products are always tested by third parties and are made without potentially toxic compounds like bleach.

In the case of the company’s wholesale practice, they offer the following deals:

  • 5 units is $62.99 per 10 gram unit
  • 10 units is $59.49 per 10 gram unit
  • 15 units is $55.99 per 10 gram unit
  • 20 units is $52.49 per 10 gram unit
  • 25 units is $48.99 per 10 gram unit
  • 30 units is $45.49 per 10 gram unit
  • 35 units is $41.99 per 10 gram unit
  • 40 units is $38.49 per 10 gram unit
  • 50 units is $34.99 per 10 gram unit
  • 100 units is $31.49 per 10 gram unit
  • 250 units is $27.99 per 10 gram unit
  • 500 units is $24.49 per 10 gram unit
  • 1000+ units is $20.99 per 10 gram unit

Beyond all this, the company has other raw material available in bulk. They sell CBD products such as distillate to retail and wholesale venues.


  1. This business’s website has a unique selection of products sold in bulk. Included on the menu are pre-rolled cigarettes filled with CBD flower and a double-coat of Delta 8.

There are also Delta 8 gummies that come in 10, 20, or 50 milligram sizes. A separate cache of unbranded gummies can be shipped in bulk as well.

Hemp flower and marijuana with only CBD, not THC, are sold by the pound, ranging from $800 to $1,000 per pound.

They sell to verified retail outlets, distributors, wholesalers, farmers and their brokers, and manufacturers.

It seems as if a turning point has been made in terms of public regard for marijuana and the seemingly unlimited uses provided by its compounds.

Without making any rash predictions, the market for Delta 8 can be expected to expand for some time.

Further commerce and experimentation will only familiarize the United States and other countries more with what this product can do. As governments and industries take greater interest, demand will likely increase.